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Lawmaker Asks BCPS Whistleblower to Come Forward

Maryland State Delegate Robin Grammer is asking the whistleblower who spoke with WBFF-TV to come forward.

During an interview with Chris Papst on Project Baltimore Wednesday night, the anonymous source said that two high-level Baltimore County Public School employees destroyed financial records in defiance of a school board order to cease all further record destruction.

“They were in a hurry to get rid of a whole lot of something out of that room,” the whistleblower said. “They chose the records that would be destroyed and they handed it off to someone else to hide their identities to make it look like it was just a normal purge of files.”

The event ultimately prompted the anonymous source to come forward.

Grammer is now imploring that person to come out of the shadows, writing, in part, in a letter on Thursday, “…Dear Mr.or Ms. Whistleblower…I am writing you to ask that you step forward to share your story. The system is doing everything it can to ignore this issue. You are the hero that the people of Baltimore County need and you may be our only hope to end this cronyism. We will stand with you and my office will do everything we can to ensure you experience no retribution for speaking the truth…”

Last month, Grammer also joined several lawmakers when the school system sought to remove the ban which prevented the district from destroying more documents.

The ban was put in place after reports surfaced in August 2018 that 2,600 financial disclosure statements had been destroyed ahead of and during a high-profile procurement audit of the system’s spending practices

Auditors later noted that certain records were unavailable to them because they had been destroyed.

The school district is currently undergoing a legislative audit which Grammer and other lawmakers felt was bad timing during which to lift the record destruction ban.

The anonymous source came forward because the person felt that system employees violated the mandate to cease purging records in November and December 2018, after the school board voted for a “cease and desist” of all scheduled and unscheduled record destruction that August.  The mandate was later modified in September 2018 to include only executive directors and above.

The whistleblower told The Gunpowder Gazette in October that a Fiscal Services File Room, which contained years’ worth of accounting records, reimbursement forms and employee travel expenses, was suddenly disassembled during the audit.

When the school system moved to remove the ban during the current and unrelated legislative audit last month, Superintendent Darryl Williams removed the item from a school board agenda which kept the ban in place since school board members were unable to vote on whether to keep or remove the ban.

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Grammer, a Republican who represents the sixth legislative district, is asking the whistleblower to come out now and provide more information on the destruction of Baltimore County schools’ financial records.




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