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BCPS whistleblower has message for employees, asks others to speak out

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A whistleblower, who recently blew the top off a concealed second-known shredding of financial documents at Baltimore County Public Schools last year, has a message for other employees of the school system: “Think about how much you have seen, and what you know.  Has your silence made any of it better?”

The source, who recently came forward to two media outlets under the condition of preserved anonymity, says others should also find a way to speak out. “The only thing silence buys is more corruption. The truth will set you free… tell someone; a reporter or [WBFF-TV] Project Baltimore…”

“I’ve seen taxpayer money wasted in the millions. I’ve watched as our peers are mistreated, wronged, even fired for defending themselves or asking a simple question. If you question them, the regime will make an example of you.  They think they are above the law. It’s a culture of fear and the closer you get to retirement, the more silent you become…”

After a school board directive prohibited certain employees from destroying documents last year, two high-level executive directors suddenly disassembled a file room containing financial documents during the first phase of an active procurement audit – a room which held years’ worth of records not previously disturbed, according to the whistleblower.

The event took place over a weekend, according to the person. As a result, the whistleblower said it was no longer possible to remain silent.

“I would think to myself ‘If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’ Then I found others like us, people who want the truth to be told. We are not alone, and together can we make a change. It’s time. #SpeakYourTruth.”

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