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The Gunpowder Gazette welcomes op-eds, letters to the editor and reader participation/letters in The Readers Speak! sections.

Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor should aim to be no more than 1,000 words.  Your full name, city, state, preferred email address and brief background information should be included with your submission (which will be published). Submissions should be submitted to and be pasted in the body of the email.  Subject line should state Op-ed or Letter. Attachments will not be opened. The Gunpowder Gazette does not pay for these types of submissions.  

Professional columns and articles should be pitched first. High quality columns and articles written by established freelance or retired reporters may be submitted in exchange for pre-established compensation. Submissions must be exclusive to us and not previously published. Send your background info and your ideas with the word “pitch” in the subject line to: 

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