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Readers Speak!: Maryland’s Government Agencies Should Take Public Record Requests Seriously

Opinion Section: Readers Speak!
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Regarding your Nov. 8 story [Gunpowder Gazette: Baltimore County Schools’ Law Office Now Silent on Public Information Requests Regarding Costs Associated with 2018 Financial Disclosure Doc Destruction], this paragraph really says it all: “It is not clear why the school system has neglected to acknowledge the latest request for public information, as required by state law, surrounding the destruction of financial disclosure statements. Four requests for updates and/or acknowledgement have also gone unanswered by the law office.”

So the law office is not doing what is should as required by law? Sounds like a new lawyer is in order for the law office.  As literacy advocate Liz Hembling likes to say, “Clean it up!”

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  1. Michele Guyton Michele Guyton November 30, 2019

    In response to this concern and many others about public transparency, I have already pre-filed a bill to require faster responses to MPIA requests in the General Assembly this year.

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