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Breaking: New Details on Baltimore County Police-Involved Fatal Shooting of Hereford Zone Man

A review of police scanner archives by The Gunpowder Gazette indicated that five shots may have been fired by police and that police were informed by dispatch that there was “no indication” that Eric Sopp had the weapon — an ice-pick — with him.  

The Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) released the name, late Friday night, of the officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of a Hereford man killed Tuesday.

Officer Page, a 21-year veteran of the department assigned to the Cockeysville Precinct in Baltimore County, fatally shot Eric John Sopp, 48, of Pheasant Wood Court in Parkton after a 911 call from his residence indicated – according to a police press release – that he was intoxicated, holding a weapon and threatening to hurt himself and a female at the residence.

Sopp left the home before police responded to the call, but according to BCoPD and a review of police scanner archives by The Gunpowder Gazette, officers spotted Sopp on Mt. Carmel Rd., and then followed him onto Interstate 83 southbound until he was shot five minutes later.

The BCoPD said Officer Page, for whom they did not provide a first name, had no prior police-involved shooting incidents. He has been placed on routine administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal review of the incident.

A review of the archived police scanner conversations from the Nov. 26 incident reveals that an officer asked police dispatch personnel what type of weapon Sopp had with him after he left the residence, before police arrived.

At 9:04:32 pm, an officer or dispatch personnel stated on the police scanner that Sopp had threatened to stab himself with an ice-pick and left his residence. Police were then told he was driving a red 2004 Toyota Camry.

At 9:11:10 pm, officers spotted Sopp going westbound on Mt. Carmel Rd., following him to Interstate 83 southbound.  An officer on the police scanner stated, “What did you say the weapon was, if there was any?”

At 9:11:22 pm, a female officer or dispatch personnel responded, “He threatened to kill himself with an ice-pick, but there is no indication that he actually took it with him.”

At 9:12:44, an officer indicated he was trying to stop Sopp on the right side of the Interstate 83, heading south toward Belfast Rd.

At 9:15:09, an officer can be heard saying, “I’m walking up to the car now.”

At 9:16:34, an officer shouted, “Shots fired, shots fired!” and called for a medic.

At 9:20:20, police dispatch personnel or an officer asked, “How many shots were fired?

At 9:20:30, a male officer responded, “To be on the safe side, possibly five.”

Sopp died of his injuries at the scene. Discussion on the police scanner indicated that police officers attempted to resuscitate him and called for medics several times.

A message left at the Parkton residence was not immediately answered on Friday.

The Gunpowder Gazette has formally requested all police body-camera footage and the 911-call recording. Receipt of the recordings may be delayed pending the ongoing investigation.

Mr. Sopp was a Hereford High School graduate.
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