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Readers Speak!: ‘Nary of Word’ from Some Media When Prior BCPS Leadership Demonstrated Disrespect

Opinion Section: Readers Speak! Response
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This is in response to [Gunpowder Gazette: Baltimore County School Board Member Responds Sharply to Baltimore Sun Editorial Board Commentary.]

Quite refreshing. One has to wonder what exactly has happened to The Baltimore Sun.  Have they fired everyone in the past five years or do they just have selective amnesia?  When the prior board, under (previous) leadership, showed its dysfunction by tolerating some very rude behavior by some of its members, nary a word from The Sun. The fact that all school board meetings are video recorded makes it all the more egregious.

When one board member told another to “shut your mouth,” no one batted an eye, or spoke a word. And crediting Dance with equity when the scores have gone down for low income students after spending a half a billion dollars? It’s like watching a bad movie.  You can’t make this stuff up.  I grew up reading The Sun but we have all learned, sadly enough, that we can no longer expect unbiased reporting.  Another sad commentary on Baltimore, my home town.

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