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Posts published in “Maryland”

Maryland Legislator Wants to Bring the Public’s Access to Government Information in Line with Most of Nation

Waiting up to one month for requested documents – when over half of the states in the country adhere to statutes requiring seven days or fewer – puts Maryland dead last in the nation when it comes to specific response time requirements.

Saiontz & Kirk pays U.S. $91,000 settlement for allegation that law firm failed to reimburse Medicare for clients’ medical expenses

According to the allegation, the “If you have a phone, you have a lawyer” law firm and its co-counsels did not reimburse Medicare for conditional payments that Medicare made to the medical providers after the firm received payments from the lawsuits.

Maryland Attorney General Files Suit Against Property Management Companies for Illegal and Unsanitary Rental Practices

The state has sought an injunction, requiring the corporation and property owners to stop charging illegal fees, maintain the required licenses, to cease and desist engaging in unfair and deceptive practices, and to provide the safe and sanitary properties that they advertise.

Gunpowder Gazette Exclusive: Manufacturer of Vaping Products Spends $1.2 Million in Maryland on Lobbying Over Last Five Years

While the minimum age to purchase tobacco and nicotine products -- including vape -- has recently risen in Maryland from 18 to 21, lobbying dollars may be reaching even higher, all while addicted youth and young adults look for other ways to find vaping products.

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